How to Choose the Perfect Mobility Scooter In 2020?

How to Choose the Perfect Mobility Scooter In 2020?

After the age of 50, Most of the people often face tiredness, loss of mobility and other health issues, Those things will affect your day to day life. If you meet the difficulty in walking for the long-distance and searching for the perfect mobility scooter for yourself, then this article will help you.

The mobility scooter is nothing but the specialized wheelchair which is configured like a motor scooter. That mobility scooter comes with lots of feature for your comfort and convenience like active suspension, LED headlight, direction light, and many other advanced features.

Almost 70% of people face challenges in walking for a long distance after the specific age limit. A mobility scooter is the best way to travel in the small range. Here in this article, we will help you to select the perfect mobility scooter for yourself. Want to get free mobility scooter Click Here

Why get a Folding Mobility Scooter?

  • The Mobility Scooter will help to walk in a small distance.
  • If you face the difficulty in walking for a long distance, It doesn’t mean you left behind. In this condition, Mobility scooter will help you.
  • It’s quick disassembly and quick folding feature makes it more convenient to carry on a long trip.

Folding Mobility Scooter Vs Standard Mobility Scooter

How to Choose the Perfect Mobility Scooter

  • Folding Mobility Scooter

Folding Mobility Scooter is very lightweight as compared to a Standard Mobility Scooter. They are perfect for carrying in a long journey because of its low weight and quick disassembly, and quick folding feature makes it more convenient to carry on a long trip. Folding mobility scooters are best for the person who travels a lot.

  • Standard Mobility Scooter

Standard Mobility Scooter is always cheap and heavier than all type of Folding Mobility Scooter. The standard Mobility Scooters aren’t foldable because of that they aren’t convenient to carry on a long trip. You also can not disassemble it, In some condition, you can disassemble it, but it will take lots of time in disassembling. It is not made for the travellers.

In simple words, you should go with the Folding Mobility Scooter if you travel a lot and your budget is reasonable. But, if your budget is meagre, then you can go with a Standard Mobility Scooter.

Things to Remember While Purchasing the Mobility Scooters

  • Disassembly

The mobility scooters are widely used to increase the mobility of physically challenged people, But what if you need to carry the mobility scooter along with you on your trip. Some of the, almost all the mobility scooter comes with quick disassembly or folding features.

1. Quick Disassembly

Most of the cheap or mid-range mobility scooter featured the quick disassembly feature. In this, you need to separate some parts of scooter, and you can easily carry it on your trip conveniently.

2. Folding

You will find the feature in mid-range and some high-end mobility scooter. In this, you will get the option to fold your mobility scooter. Obsessively it will not change the weight of the scooter, but the size of the scooter will vary, you can easily carry the scooter on the trip. Some of the high-end mobility scooters also offer the features of Automatic Folding, so let’s understand about it.

3. Automatic Folding

The feature of Automatic Folding is only available in a high-end flagship mobility scooter. This feature will increase the convenience, You need to press the button, and the scooter will automatically fold, and for unfolding the method is same, You need to press the button.

  • Basket, Armrest Bag and Cup-holder

Basket, Armrest Bag and Cup-holder are the essential things to look at the time of buying a mobility scooter. Some of the mobility scooters have the basket at the front which you can use to carry your shopping easily, Basket is also useful in lots of other condition.

Armrest bag is not so important, but it will help you to store small things like your phone & wallet. Talking about the Cup-holder, this is not an essential thing. It will just help you to enjoy the coffee on the go. Cup-holder also comes with most of mid-range and high-end models of mobility scooter.

  • Weight Capacity

Weight capacity of the scooter doesn’t need much attention because almost all the mobility scooter has the standard weight capacity from 200 lbs to 300 lbs. You should look at it if you are overweight. Some mobility scooter also has the capacity of 400 lbs to 500 lbs, which are specially designed for overweight people.

  • Top Speed

In the case of, Mobility Scooter and Power Wheelchair, the speed doesn’t matter, But your scooter should be fast. The standard mobility scooter comes with speed from 3 mph to 7 mph.

In terms of All Terrain Mobility Scooter, the speed of the scooter always matters because those mobility scooters are specially designed for outdoor use. It is a specialized mobility scooter which is configured like a motor scooter. All-Terrain Mobility Scooters has the top speed of 10 mph to 12 mph.

  • Drive Range

Drive Range of mobility scooter always essential. It doesn’t matter which type of mobility scooter you are purchasing, Drive range of the scooter is based on the battery in it. In a reasonable condition, The low-end mobility scooter has the driving range of 10 miles to 15 miles. Talking about the mid-range and high-end mobility scooter, they have the driving range of 15 miles to 20 miles. You should go with the mobility scooter which has the driving range of more than 12 miles because it doesn’t make sense to always put a scooter on charging.

  • Suspension

The suspension of the scooter is one of the most important things which is responsible for the comfortable ride. Lots of mobility scooters come with advanced suspension technology & comfort track suspension, So remember to choose the mobility scooter with best suspension technology.

Suspension of the scooter doesn’t matter in indoor use, but in outdoor use, the suspension always matter. You will not get the scooter which has advanced suspension technology & comfort track suspension in low range. Those suspension technologies are widely available in high end and some of the mid-range mobility scooter.

  • Headlight and Taillights

Headlight and Taillights don’t matter if you only use the mobility scooter in the day time. If you want to use your mobility scooter in the night, then you should look at it. Although most of the mobility scooter doesn’t come with this feature because lots of people don’t prefer to use a mobility scooter at night.

The headlight will help you to drive a scooter safely, and tail light will alert the other driver who is coming from your backside.

  • Warranty, Is it comes with home service

Mobility scooter comes with the various type of warranties such as on-site warranty, world-wide warranty, and money other. We always suggest you go with on-site warranty.

In these type of warranty, you just need to call the manufacturer and tell them about your problem; Now your work over in two to three business days, the technician from manufacture will come of solving your problem.

In other types of warranty, You need to visit the nearest service center or the manufacturer will only send you the part in which you face the problem and you need to assemble it yourself.

Some of the mobility scooters also have the warranty of the specific parts, So be careful at the time of purchasing.

  • Weight of the scooter

Weight of the scooter matters if you travel a lot, while traveling, you need to carry your mobility scooter with yourself in your vehicle, if your scooter is too heavy then it is very different to bring it with you. So, always go with the lightweight mobility scooter.

  • Seat

You should go with the mobility scooter which has the adjustable seat option. It will increase your comfort. You can adjust it according to your height. You can also go with the padded seat, but this option is only available in a high-end mobility scooter.

  • Charger for charging the phone

This is an optional feature. It isn’t necessary to have a charging socket on the mobility scooter. You will get this feature in some flagship model of the mobility scooter.

  • Ground Clearance

Ground Clearance of the mobility scooter only matters if you use your mobility scooter in outdoor. Usually, the mobility scooter has the ground clearance of 2.5″ to 5.” The more ground clearance always matter.

  • Is the battery of the scooter can be charged separately from the scooter?

Some scooter comes with the removable battery unit, That means you can separately charge it from the scooter. You can also buy the other battery as the backup.

  • Turning Radius

Turning radius of the scooter only matter if you use your mobility scooter indoor. This means the distance or area the scooter will take to turn entirely on the corner. If you prefer to use your mobility scooter indoor, then you should go with the lowest possible Turning Radius.

  • FAA Approved for Safe Air Travel

You should go with the mobility scooter which comes with the lithium-ion battery, which FAA compliant and meets All the UN 28.3 requirements. You should go with such scooter because all the airline allows this type of scooter to bring in aircraft.

These are some features which you should look at the time of purchasing the mobility scooter for yourself. If your budget is low, then you will not get lots of feature from the above list. If you are going with the mid-range of the high-end mobile scooter, then you will get all the above mention features. Check it out while purchasing the scooter.

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