How to Get a Free Mobility Scooter?

How to Get a Free Mobility Scooter?

How to Get a Free Mobility Scooter? – Mobility Scooter has always been a need for every physically disabled person. It will increase their mobility. The person who becomes disabled and can no longer walk will also face lots of health problems, Sunlight and fresh air plays a vital role in the psychological condition of any human being, So it is essential to be in the fresh breeze, a Mobility scooter is beneficial in that condition.

Most of the Ads and social media promotional posts will suggest that the process of getting a mobility scooter is straightforward and fast. According to them you need to visit the doctor, they will complete all the paperwork for you, and you will get the mobility scooter in some days without paying anything or with just a small amount, but the process is not so straightforward.

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In order to get a mobility scooter for free, you need to complete all the paperwork. The procession of authentication will take sometimes. For authentication, you need to visit the physician or specialist several times to conforming to complex Medicare rules. Here are some tips which will help to complete those processes very quickly.

How to Get Free Mobility Scooter

Medicare Requirements & Physician Requirements

  • Medicare covers the mobility scooter, but only if the beneficiary has difficulty in performing a daily activity because of their physical condition.
  • You only would get the mobility scooter for free if your doctor prescribes it to you, and the doctor also needs to complete some paperwork.
  • One physician will also authenticate your physical condition. They can also ask you some question, You or your caretaker need to answer those question.
  • Sometimes you also need to submit the copy and other documents related to your prescription. They will only give you mobility scooters if you satisfy their all condition.

Questions you will face in an interview with a physician.

In an interview with the physician they can ask you some question, like

  • Why you need a mobility scooter?
  • What type of physical disability you have?
  • Why can’t a manual wheelchair be used to meet your mobility needs?
  • What is your mobility challenge?
  • Can you able to operate a mobility scooter yourself?
  • How physical disability does interfere with your daily activities?

Those are some question which you can face in the interview with the physician to authenticate about the physical disability.

Out-of-Pocket Purchase

If you are unable to get the mobility scooter for free, then you can purchase it, you don’t need any type of individual permit or license to buy it. Acquiring a mobility scooter is easy, but selecting a prefect mobility scooter according to your needs is not easy. If you are in search of a mobility scooter for yourself then explore our blog, It has full of information about mobility scooter and power wheelchair.

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