Best Tricycle For Older Child | Buyer’s Guide

Best Tricycle For Older Child | Buyer’s Guide

In today’s world of technology, it is challenging for the parent to get their child outdoor and encourage them to explore the environment. Mostly the kids are glued to smartphones and playing games all the time. Tricycles are the best way to promote physical activities, if you are thinking to buy the best tricycles for your kids but unable to find a perfect one for your little one then you are on the right place, Here we are going to tell you about the every aspect which you should look at the time of purchasing the tricycle.

Benefits of A Tricycle

Development of a healthy body

Tricycles will allow your little one to exercise in their lower extremities. We all know when they ride the tricycles their muscles get stronger in the cycling motions. Mostly the tricycles are the first expensive toy of the kids, they love it, and they play with it the entire day.

When their muscles move through the cycling motion, the muscles are flexed, extended and stretched. Commonly, the muscles are incapable of keeping up with bone growth until they are fully extended. This range of motion is crucial for children with disabilities.

Development of physical and mental health

We all know that cycling will encourage the muscles and bone to grow at the same rate. It will also provide you with the added benefit of strengthening gross motor control development. Over time the tricycles are very beneficial in your child growth that will increase the strength of quadriceps, ankle muscles, and hip ex-tensors.

Riding the tricycle will also be beneficial to develop gross motor skills that are required for almost everything. Talking about the gross motor skills, they are referred to the large muscle groups of the body which will enable them to run, walk and balance. This skill is also beneficial to build excellent motor skills like writing.

Coordination and Balance

In general, the growth and development of the kids will take place rapidly at the time of preschool years, In this time phase. They will start learning how to coordinate their bodies by controlling their fine and gross motor movements in different ways with increasing complexity. Riding the trike will require the coordination of hands at pedaling that requires coordination of feet.

The tricycle will improve the coordination and balance of your little one. This range of movement is crucial for children with weaknesses because tissues are incapable of keeping up with bone maturity unless fully extended.

Improved balance and postural control

The trike is also beneficial to improve the balance and postural control in your baby’s body. Currently, it is challenging to interest the children in rehabilitation, the riding of trikes will make the therapeutic activity fun and worthwhile and helps to encourage the socialization and development of friendship because when your child have tricycles, he or she will play it in the outdoor. Once your child starts riding the bicycles, he or she will become ready to cycling after some time.

It’s a fun way to exercise

In the growing years of the babies, your child should have some physical movement every day, but it is not accessible. When your child has a trike, then you don’t need to do anything as the trike is the first expensive toy of your child, you will enjoy it and play with it every day. Driving a tricycle teaches kids their rights and lefts, and that separate outcomes result in choosing a specific direction. Unvarying opportunities for cycling may assuredly affect gait training. Trikes are a fun way to exercise you should buy it for your little one.

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Best Tricycle For Older Child

Tricycle Accessories

The Deck

In simple word, the deck is the type of footrest where your little one keep feet and deck will also bear all the weight of the child. Commonly it is constructed from lightweight metals such as aluminum. It is connected to other parts of the tricycles in order to be stable. It should be firm and durable because this part will take all the weight of the riders. 

The Tricycle Wheels

Wheels are the life of any mobility equipment. when it comes to wheels, we will highly recommend you to go with the rubber wheels. This is the only part that comes in contact with the ground. Mostly the wheels come with two rollers that are firmly attached to the end of the deck. 

Sometimes the wheels are made from the plastic, but this only happens with the low-end models, the technology behind the wheels are different every time, you will get the tricycles with different shape and size of the front and back wheels, the bigger wheels will be absorbing more shocks at the time of riding and from bumps. 

The Brakes

When it comes to babies, safety always matters and in any mobility equipment Brakes are an essential part of security, your little one will able to decrease the speed or stop the tricycle in any conditions. 

Mostly the tricycles have come the rear fender brake which activates the brake system, in some high-end models you will also get the hand brakes which are located at the handlebars. You can also go with the dual brake system. 


At the time of purchasing check weather, the handlebars are adjustable or not because is it imperative to be flexible in order to use it for a long time. In order to keep your tricycles, steady baby needs to keep their hand on handlebars. 

Tips for buying a Tricycle

Your kid’s age and size

When it comes to the tricycle, the age of your child should be more than three years. The best-suited tricycle is one without pedals; with the pedals less tricycle, your little one can scoot along the floor by propelling the cycle with his feet.

The trike is also beneficial for growth, will increase the mobility and offer your baby a sense of independence. Also, it helps exercise and strengthens the lower body muscles. Mastering to steer is a goblin point that comes with learning to ride a tricycle.

Design and durability

The design and durability of the mobility product always matter. It doesn’t make any sense to invent on such mobility equipment which will only list for a few months, we will suggest you go the lightweight and durable tricycle.

You will get lots of latest tricycle model which features vibrant color and an attractive look. By keeping a few things in mind, buying the right model becomes easy. Talking about the design, tricycles are available in multiple colors and sizes. You need to choose a perfect trike for your kid according to your child’s preference. Remember to go with the lightweight one.

The Grow-With-Me Features

It is imperative to have the best and comfortable tricycle, But as your little one grows, then you need to buy another tricycle that is convenient for them, but it not make any sense to buy another tricycle if you have already one.

We will suggest you go to the tricycle, which will allow you to adjust it according to your needs and comfort. There are lots of tricycles available which have Grow-With-Me Features. You can customize every part of those tricycle as your child grow. If you want to use the trike for a long time, then we will suggest you go with Grow-With-Me Features.

Comfortable Seat Cushion

When it comes to baby caring product comfort always matters, at the time of purchasing the tricycle, you should check that the seat is adjustable and comfortable for your child or not.

We will suggest you go to the padded seat. Always go with the seat that has an in-build backrest, the backrest will increase your babies comfort at the time of playing with it. If you are buying the tricycle from the offline market, then you can easily understand the level of comfort and seat cushion, but online, you can check the user reviews in order to know more about the tricycle.

Reputed Brand

We will suggest you go with the reputed brand because their bicycles are specially engineered according to need and comfort of kids. All the reputed brand do proper research before manufacturing any product, they also provide the warranty with it, that means if you face any problem within the warranty period, then you will get the free service. Some of the brands also offer 30 days or 90 days of money back guaranty if you’re not satisfied with the product after purchasing, then you can ask for a refund.

Should Be Foldable and Portability

It is very tough to carry a tricycle along with you on a trip or when you are out for the picnic. Now there is the only solution for that is to go with the foldable and portable tricycle. There are lots of tricycles that are available in the market, which will allow you to fold in order to carry it along with you quickly. Those foldable tricycles are specially constructed from the lightweight material. It’s portable enough to be taken in the car and can be easily stored in a closet too.

Check for Assembling Options

Kids tricycles are available in both the format, assembled, and non-assembled models. If you and your any family are confident enough to assemble it all by themselves then you can go with the non-assemble models and assemble it yourself, If you are unable to assemble the tricycle by yourself then you need to go with the assembled one, you can also choose an assembled tricycle that can be used immediately. You can also buy the non-assembled one and assemble it from the local store, not it totally depends upon you.

Budget Matters

Your Budget Matters, the features, and all the extra options depend upon your budget. The high-end tricycles are specially constructed according to comfort. Some of the high-end trikes also allow you to adjust it according to your child’s needs and comfort you can use it for a long time thanks to its Grow-With-Me Features which enables you to customize every part of your tricycle.

We will also suggest you go with the high-end tricycles because they are very durable and constructed from high-quality lightweight material. The high-end trikes also allow you to fold it when you are on the trip.


Mostly the tricycles are made from the metal, but some of the time are also constructed with the high-quality plastics not entirely with the plastic, but most of the parts are of plastic. We will suggest you go with the lightweight tricycles which allow your child to ride it without any problem comfortably.

Currently, lots of tricycles are made up of plastic because the plastic is very lightweight material, which allows your little one to use it comfortably. Don’t worry about the material; remember to go with the lightweight one.

Safety Features

When it comes to baby safety always matters, tricycles are not featuring lots of safety features, but your little one should use the helmet at the time riding. Some of the tricycles also include some same features, such as a seat belt.


Selecting a tricycle is not so difficult, after reading the above article you can easily choose a perfect trike for your little one. Just remember to check the safety features, design, durability and comfort of the trike at the time of purchasing, We will also suggest you go with lightweight as possible.

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

When should you buy a tricycle?

You should not buy the tricycle till your little one is not able to handle it physically. Usually, the children are ready around the age of three years. At the time of buying, you should go with the tricycle, which is built low to ground and has big wheels. 

At the time of buying the tricycle, You should obtain the properly fitting bicycle helmet and tell your little one of using it every time he rides. You should allow your child to use it in protected places. Don’t let your child ride near automobiles, driveways, or swimming pools. In order to protect your child from injury, you should check that he or she is wearing an approved bicycle helmet.

At what age can kids start riding trikes?

There is no specific age for that. It totally depends upon the growth of your child. Sometime the child will start riding tricycles from the age of 2 years, but sometimes because of slow growth, they will need more time. 

When your little one reaches the first milestone of the riding a bike for several years or more, balancing is well enough that they can ride a bike with just two wheels. Like Tricycle, Balance Bike For 6 Yr Old is also popular among kids.

Should toddlers wear a helmet on a tricycle?

Safety is the number one priority. Your toddlers should wear a helmet on the tricycle. Lots of studies have already been shown that wearing a helmet will reduce the severe brain injury and death because at the time of fall or collision. The helmet will absorb almost all the impact energy rather than your head and brain. 

Your child should wear a helmet at the time of riding the tricycle; helmet will increase their safety. Remember to buy only the certified helmet, check the certification of the helmet at the time of buying. 

What’s a better balance bike or tricycle?

Both Balance Bike and Tricycles are enormous; both have their pros and cons, but when it comes to kids. It is better to go with the tricycle, but you can also go with the balance bike depending upon your kid’s growth.

Commonly the kids do not have the balance and muscle coordination, which are enough to ride a two-wheel bicycle till the age of 6 to 7 years. Almost all the children will start riding two-wheeler but only with the training wheels after the age of six years. 

What is the best way to teach a toddler to ride a tricycle?

It is not very tough to teach toddlers to ride the tricycle. Your child will learn to ride automatically. Commonly the kids will traditionally start the ride a bike with the mom or dad running alongside while holding back of the bike and eventually letting go. 

You did not need to do anything. Just need to allow your child to play with their tricycle and after the week, you will see that your toddler will start riding it without doing anything, let them learn by themselves. 

Why is a tricycle more stable than a bicycle?

Tricycles are always stable than a bicycle. When it comes to stability the bicycle is not so durable because their support wheels are removable, and they are not so convenient to ride, the wheels of the tricycles are straightforward to ride, and because of the low height, you will not need to worry about the growth of your toddlers. 

Tricycles are more stable because of their low height and convenient. Most of the experts and we also suggest you go with the tricycle rather than the bicycle. The bicycle is best for 6 to 7 years old. 

How does a tricycle help a child’s development?

During the preschool years of your little one, the growth and development of bodies will take place rapidly. In the time phase, the babies will learn to coordinate their bodies by controlling their fine and gross motor.

At the age of 1 and 2, the children are in between independence and doubt. They have their own natural enthusiasm for doing things on their own and take the initiative for new responsibilities. According to the experts, in the age of tricycle, it is the best outdoor toy that will help you to encourage them to do so. 

Can I get a toddler tricycles with a push bar?

Yes, you will get the toddler tricycles with a push bar, Toddlers tricycles are available in the various shape and size. You can explore our blog in order to know about the best toddler tricycles with a push bar. Our blog is full of valuable information about all the mobility equipment. Some of our blogs also have information about the bet toddlers’ tricycles with a push bar. At the time of purchase, the tricycles for your little one remember to take care of all the above things. 

Can my child ride a tricycle on grass as well as pavement?

Yes, but it totally depends upon the tires of your tricycles. We and lots of export suggest you go with the rubbers tires, rubbers tires are able to run conveniently on almost all the surfaces. 

Talking about the tricycle, almost all the tricycles run comfortably on the grass and pavement surface both, But we will suggest you check the tires before buying and go with the rubber tires. You can ride a tricycle on grass as well as pavement.

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Is there a tricycle available for twins?

As I tell you before, tricycles are available in lots of types, including the tricycles for twins. You can explore our blog to know more about the tricycles and to get the reviews of the top 10 tricycles.

Our blog is full of valuable information about all the mobility equipment. If you are facing difficulty in selecting a perfect tricycle for your little one, then we will suggest you go and explore our blog. 

Talking about the tricycles for twins, there are lots of options, but we will suggest you go with the separate tricycle for your twins. 

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