How To Choose The Best Wheelchair? Wheelchair Buyer’s Guide

How To Choose The Best Wheelchair? Wheelchair Buyer’s Guide

Wheelchairs are the best way you increase your mobility if you are facing difficulty in walking for the small distance. There are different types of wheelchairs available in the market for different needs. In the past several years, there are lots of high-quality wheelchairs skyrocketed in the market. After reading this comprehensive wheelchair buying guide, you will able to choose a perfect wheelchair for yourself or your elder

If after reading this post, you are still facing the problem of selecting a wheelchair for yourself, then you can explore our blog. Our articles on Top 10 wheelchairs will help you in these conditions. Mainly there are two types of wheelchairs, Manual or Power wheelchairs. Currently, the power wheelchair is escalated dramatically, this type of wheelchair is also called as electric wheelchairs.

Mainly the wheelchair is widely famous because they increase mobility, but there are lots of other advantages of the wheelchair, As I tell you before there are mainly two types of wheelchair. The hands operate Manual wheelchair, Electric wheelchair & some advanced wheelchair which are served by the voice comment, Those type of wheelchairs are specially designed for people who are unable to move their body parts.

Benefits of Wheelchairs

After a certain age, When you lose your mobility, you will know its importance. The electric wheelchair will help you to increase mobility. With the help of it, you can easily walk around, meet your friends and enjoy. Fresh air is essential for your health. If you stay in the house for a long time, then you will not get the natural benefits, and as a result, lots of health problems may arise.

If you have the mobility problem then obviously you can not go our home smoothly. It may also result in tiredness and lots of other physical problems. It is imperative to be exposed to nature. The natural compounds such as clean and fresh air make a difference in how you feel. The wheelchair will increase your independence.

Anyone no feels comfortable when they not able to even walk for the small distance; The wheelchairs will allow you to walk around without anyone help comfortably. You will feel more comfortable when you get back to your mobility. Independence and Freedom are the other names of the wheelchair; they enormously advantage to senior citizens because it provides you the comfort you will need to at this time. You gain admittance to the lifestyle you have wished for.

Types of Wheelchairs

Mainly there are two types of wheelchairs, First is a manual wheelchair and second is an electric wheelchair, Let’s understand it one by one.

1. Manual Wheelchair

This is the type of wheelchair that is operated by the hand; The user needs to apply force or take the help of the third person to use the manual wheelchair. This is the cheapest type of wheelchair but not so comfortable as compared to an electric wheelchair.

Types of Manual Wheelchair

Transport Wheelchairs

Transport Wheelchairs are the particular type of wheelchairs that are pushed by the third person; the user cannot propel it himself. This type of wheelchair usually features a small back wheel; this back wheel is not convenient to grip by the user himself.

Talking about the Transport Wheelchairs, those types of wheelchairs are mostly used or provided at the medical offices and the hospitals. You can also fold them to the store. The standard Transport Wheelchairs are capable of accommodating the user up to 300 pounds, and heavy-duty transport chairs chare can provide more heavy use up to 500 pounds.

There is hybrid transport wheelchairs are also available. In this, you will get the quick release mechanism which allows removal and exchange of the rear wheels form large. (Self-propulsion wheels to smaller transport wheels.)

Transport Wheelchairs which are developed to use in magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) are made form the non-magnetic material mostly with the help of PVC pipes. Some MRI chairs are made of non-magnetic metals and will be stamped and prominently marketed as being MRI safe.

Standard Manual Wheelchair

You will see the Standard Manual Wheelchairs everywhere; It is a widely used type of wheelchairs because of its low cost. Typically this standard wheelchairs featured a large back wheel which a push rim for the user to grip to propel himself. The people who lose mobility but have control of the upper limbs mostly use this type of wheelchairs. Very convenient to use, because they come with the folding mechanism of more accessible storage.

Heavy-Duty and Bariatric Manual Wheelchairs

The patients who weight more than 400 pounds need the heavy-duty wheelchairs, those types of wheelchairs are specially made to accommodate the more weight and size. Because of their large and sturdier frame and can have more full seats. Models for bariatric patients will allow you to use it for the 700 pounds if more, then you can also recline it to distribute a person’s weight more quickly.

Light and Ultra Lightweight Wheelchairs

When it comes to traveling we need a wheelchair which is very convenient to carry and less cumbersome than standard wheelchairs, Here the Light and Ultra lightweight wheelchairs come. You will get those wheelchairs weighing 25 to 30 pounds, and light wheelchairs are of 40 pounds.

If you travel a lot then this type of wheelchairs if for you, they come with the folding feature for secure storage and weight is also deficient. Typically, this type of wheelchair has a large back wheel that the user can use to propel themselves and also has the grips which can be pushed by others. You will feel comfortable because usually they are upholstered in nylon, but they do not have cushioned seats.

Sport Wheelchairs

If you are basketball, rugby, or other sports lover then this type of wheelchair is for, It is specially designed to provide more maneuverable. They can be customized to the movement.

Pediatric Wheelchairs

Usually not but sometimes the children need a wheelchair. Pediatric wheelchairs are specially designed according to their comfort. It featured a small frame with a narrow, shallow seat. Most of the time the handles which ca telescope to the specific height that’s comfortable for the adult pushing the chair to reach.

Tilt and Recliner Wheelchairs

If you are thinking to opponent and caregiver for yourself or your elder, then you should go with this type of wheelchair. Tilt and Recliner Wheelchairs allow the caregiver to adjust the angle to the position which is comfortable for the use. The backrest of this wheelchair is convenient, which can be reclined according to comfort.

Hemi Height Wheelchair

Hemi Height Wheelchair is best for the users who can use their feet to propel himself better with his arms. The seat height of the wheelchair is shallow in order to provide your comfort.

2. Electric Wheelchair

The electric wheelchair is the motorized wheelchair which is operated on the electric power, you need to charge it, and then you can go anywhere by clicking the button. Those types of wheelchairs are usually expensive, but they come with lots of options and more comfortable than any other type of wheelchair. If you have the budget then you should go with this.

Features to consider at the time of buying a wheelchair

Powerful Motor

You should go with a wheelchair which has at least 2×250 watt motors which will able to provide you excellent and comfortable rider. Always go with the wheelchair which as easy to detect cord on the joystick to easily remove and place on the right or left side.


When you go with the flagship wheelchair, you don’t need to worry about the batter, But for mid-range, please confirm the battery life of the wheelchair and its charging time. We see some wheelchair which takes 5 to 6 hours to charge fully. It doesn’t make any sense to go with that wheelchair, which has less battery life, and the charging time is too high.

FDA certified

If you travel a lot by plane then at the time of buying the wheelchair, you should confirm that the wheelchair you purchasing is certified for the safe air travel by the FDA. If the wheelchair is not FDA approved, then you cannot carry it with you in the aircraft.

Travel Speed and Range

Speed of the wheelchair doesn’t matter, but it doesn’t make any sense to go with the wheelchair which is too slow, Some time the wheelchair becomes too slow also because of its underpower motor. So at the time of purchasing take care of that.

Those are some features that you should look at the time of purchasing a wheelchair for yourself. Now let’s understand things to consider at the time of buying a wheelchair.

Things to consider at the time of buying a wheelchair


When it comes to mobility equipment, comfort is the most important because the user will be going to spend their whole day on it.

We know there are millions of wheelchair brands are available out there which offers a different type of wheelchairs. At the time of purchasing the wheelchair, you should go with one which has more adjustments option because you can adjust this type of wheelchair according to your comfort.

When it comes to the electric wheelchair, you don’t need to worry about comfort too much because of this type of wheelchairs expensive and provide you with a comfortable ride. You can also use seat cushion and back cushion in order to increase your comfort.

Flexibility in adjusting the height

Adjustment is the second name of comfort; when your wheelchairs are fully adjustable, then you can easily adjust it according to your satisfaction. Height is an essential thing to increase comfort.

Just think two users with different height and weight then how can they comfortable with the same wheelchairs. The adjustment will help you to adjust the wheelchair according to your comfort.

Remember, Go with one which has which is entirely adjustable.

Less Turing Radius

At the time of buying the wheelchair, remember to check the turning radius of the wheelchair, Because if you are purchasing the wheelchair, then you will use it indoor. Lots of wheelchairs, especially when you go with the cheap wheelchair, you will not experience comfortable with it because they are not made for the tight space.

If you want the experience best possible and comfortable ride indoor, then you should go with the mobility wheelchair which has the smallest reasonable turning radius.

The wheelchair which as less turning radius are perfect for the small apartment, or you enjoy going out to crowded spaces like restaurants.

If you don’t know about the turning radius, the Turning range is the space your wheelchair takes to turn. The low turning radius will provide you with incredible comfort in indoor conditions.

Leg Space

Like the car, the leg space also matters in the wheelchairs. Some of the electric wheelchairs come with the power-adjustable footrest with ample large area. If you are purchasing the electric wheelchair, then you should go with one which has an adjustable and automatic footrest.


You will experience the comfort of the bed when you wheelchair the reclining features, If you’re tired, then you can recline the seat and relax, Most of the electric wheelchair comes with the reclining features, but when you come to the manual wheelchair you will not find this highlight.

Must have Wheelchair Accessories

Seat Cushion

When it comes to wheelchairs or any mobility equipment then comfort always matter, Seat cushion will increase your comfort. It is the most common wheelchairs accessories; in fact, it the mandatory accessory that every wheelchair user should have.

It would provide you more comfort, but it will also offer you lots of other benefits. Your posture improves sitting balance, reduces fatigue will be enhanced. It is also the best precaution from pressure sores. You can also take the care of spinal deformities like scoliosis by customizing the cushions. Talking about the pillow, there are lots of pre-build cushions available in the market and gel, and air cushions too are accessible.

Back Cushion

Like the seat cushion, the back cushion is widely used to increase the comfort of the wheelchair user. According to the expert, the back cushion is more important rather than seat cushion.

Back Cushion is cheap, even lots of wheelchair provider also ask you for the customization for the back cushion as per the need of the user. It is specially designed to conform to the lumbar curve and redistribute pressure, thus making seating comfortable and less-fatiguing.

Wheelchair Safety Belt

When it comes to safety, anyone not compromises, Wheelchair safety belt will increase you safe. We know the wheelchair user is not forced by the low to fasten the seat belt but for our and our elder safety seatbelt is the necessary things.

Like the car and other vehicles, The wheelchair safety belt is a strap that has buckles to keep you fastened to your wheelchair.

Safety Belt of the wheelchair will decrease the chance of any type of accidents. Wheelchair users with okay-level body balance are influenced to think that a sanctuary belt is a requirement for wheelchair users with poor sitting balance.

Wheelchair Gloves

You will not need this if you have the power wheelchair. If your wheelchair uses a wheelchair just for the small distance and if you have the caretaker to help you with the wheelchair.

Wheelchair Gloves are for the active wheelchair who accurately herself to longer distances then you should by the wheelchair glovers for yourself; this will increase your comfort.

Lots of experts suggest manual wheelchair users use glovers to in order to keep their hands protected. Mostly the hands of the wheelchair user are the most active part of their body when they lose mobility.

Wheelchair Backpack

If you lose your mobility and go for the shopping on the wheelchairs, then think where you can put all the shopped items. Wheelchair backs are the most critical accessory for the wheelchair; this will help them to carry all the things conveniently.

You can only use the backpack wheelchair if your torso is flexible enough to move 900 left or right and your hands are capable enough to go back to take out or put your things in the backpack. Lots of the wheelchair also comes with the inbuild bag to carry anything with your conveniently.


We comprehensively research this topic, and after the complete research the understanding the needs of the user, We wrote this post on How To Choose The Best Wheelchair? Wheelchair Buyer’s Guide. After reading this article now, you would able to select the perfect wheelchair for yourself or your elder. If you are still facing the problem of choosing the wheelchair, then you should read our below articles.

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